Affiliated Control Equipment Inc.

Q5X Series


High Power, Mid-Range Laser Measurement Senso

The Q5X background suppression laser is a powerful, problem-solving sensor in a cost-effective device with industry-standard rectangular housing. The best-in-class laser triangulation sensor features a range from 9.5 cm (4 inches) to 2 m (6 ft. 6 inches), is easy to use, and provides reliable detection of the most challenging targets.

  • High excess gain for reliable detection of the darkest objects (<6% reflective black targets)
  • Reliable detection of black targets against a black background, black targets against a shiny metal background, clear and reflective objects, multicolor packaging, and targets of all colors
  • Bright output indicator and real-time distance feedback enable simple setup and troubleshooting
  • Dual teach mode measures both distance plus light intensity to solve the most challenging applications
  • Intuitive user interface with the same buttons, setup, and display as other Banner laser products
  • 270-degree rotatable M12 QD to meet a variety of mounting constraints
  • Rated IP67 for reliable performance in wet environments
  • Programmable via an on-board user interface, remote teach, IO-LInk or optional remote sensor display
  • ¬†enables remote programming and monitoring