Affiliated Control Equipment Inc.

TL70 Series


70mm Modular LED Tower Light Indicator

A bigger, brighter tower light indicator is available as modular segments or pre-assembled with the flexibility to customize as needed and change positions in the field.

  • Big, bright 70mm tower lights appear gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light and are visible at long distances
  • Modular IP65 design gives the user flexibility to customize functionality and install in many environments
  • RGB14 color segments can be configured to display any one of 14 standard colors, making it easy to create custom indication solutions and simplify stock requirements
  • Multicolor segments in two- and three- color models switch between colors based on changes in input status
  • Selectable rates of flashing and strobing for each segment allow customization for your application beyond the default solid ON condition
  • Top-mounted audible segments available in tone selectable models from 75 – 101 dB, multitone models that enable a unique tone for four status conditions, and programmable models that emit a user created custom alert or announcement
  • Wireless options, including bases and segments, facilitate installation and enable remote monitoring and control
  • One base supports up to six single function segments, or select combinations of multifunction and single segments
  • Match your machine with a choice of black or gray housing
  • User-friendly operation with just a few easy steps to complete installation