Next Generation, High Performance Industrial Robots

With consumer needs rapidly evolving towards increased diversification and reduced time to market, today’s manufacturers face a time of considerable change. It is no longer enough for industrial robots to simply perform a single task. Industry now demands robots with the capacity and flexibility to readily take on more sophisticated tasks. The MELFA FR-Series provides new, more intelligent solutions that underpin “Next-Generation Manufacturing”, offering a simpler approach to advanced and flexible production.

“Next-Generation Intelligent Functions” make it simple to carry out work that has always defied automation. With the MELFA Safe Plus feature “safe, collaborative work applications” allow robots and people to work together with high levels of safety while still providing the speed and performance the industry demands. The MELFA Smart Plus feature, which among other functions, provides real-time compensation for thermal expansion as well as automates complex calibration tasks which enables and simplifies automating applications that require higher levels of accuracy or complex calibration.

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)-GOT

GOTs (Graphic Operator Terminals) provide an innovative operation and visualization interface.
The growth of your business and the speed of your production depend on many influences out of your control.
Whether your focus is centered on uptime, productivity or serviceability, Mitsubishi Electric offers a GOT solution that fits your machine, factory and enterprise level requirements.

GOT Mobile

GOT Mobile for GT27 and GT25 Series HMI

GOT Mobile provides convenient remote access to GT25 and GT27 Series HMIs via webserver functionality for useful production monitoring and system operation. It is designed to monitor controllers using web browsers like Chrome and Safari, on devices such as tablets, phones and personal computers.

Servos and Motion control


MR-J4 family of products leverages cutting edge technology to provide a high functionality, high performance solution with the most flexible amplifier in the Mitsubishi Electric lineup. This family of products has been designed with the user experience, machine performance, and the environment in mind to provide a superior servo motion solution.